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Sorry if I don't answer your comment. I read everything and appreciate the attention you pay.

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Here are these two popular definitions of "edgy":
 - "at the forefront of a trend; experimental or avant-garde." This comes from the vocabulary of Google.
Urban Dictionary gives a bit detailed glance and feeling of sense: "Applied to books, music, or even haircuts which tend to challenge societal norms and reveal the dark side."

What's with that "dark side"? It more and more looks like it gets "revealed" not for the sake of decomposing it and moving on to more "lightful" society, but just because seeing it becomes enjoyable.

Avant-garde is something that moves forward first, and then everything else goes the same way. Okay, not always. But think of it closer. Adding together these two definitions, we get to understanding that most ugly things which society could bear from itself become a trend.

People who do so, they probably just like to see the "normals" angry. Hey, old boring normalfags, look how edgy we are, we open your closets and show your skeletons! Think, what's up with that? Why do those normal closets only have skeletons? Is there anything nice in them? Besides, "showing" does not create anything. Edgy people want to be creative just like anyone else, so they do create: dark, disgusting, evil, agressive...etc things. They take out a skeleton, and make, say, a doll house from its bones, and that's so edgy and cool.
And so, avant-garde moves forward. First comes shock, second comes curiosity, third comes lust for more, forth it becomes normal. Thus, societal norms move forward as well.

But from what I observed, the most mocking and unacceptance is given not to things which give shock and then curiosity. Things which society accepts the worst (the least) are not the worst things. Try giving a dollar to a charity organisation. No one will notice. Try giving 100, and people might be like wow. Try giving everything you have to unknown people and take homeless in your house. And people will call you insane. Because really, it's not normal. Somewhere, at the other corner of the earth, someone might see you as a hero. But not your former neighborhood of normals. Try adopting a whole bunch of disabled kids and see your family getting unpleasantly surprised at the very least. One of such kids should be enough. No, I'm not saying that you should do so or you aren't a good person and never will be. And until you're shown in the news and get depictured as a hero, most people won't recognise you as one. They would either be "eww" or "oh, who could've think", or maybe even "oh, that's a nice person", but then they'll forget about this, because it's not tickling their curiosity. And most of them will never consider doing the same. Doesn't it make the whole thing "staying on the edge?" Logically it does, in fact it doesn't. It doesn't even look cool. Look, edgy youth is definitely not going to add such things in their list of avant-garde and experimental doings and lifestyles. So it's not edgy, it's just stuuuu~pid and booo~ring, not something we tip a fedora to.

Altruism is as abnormal as egdy egoistic self-pleasuring lifestyle which fights "societal norms" for the sake of having it easier. Yeah, from what I observed, today's "edgy" is used together with "egoistic" a lot. It's probably not even about decomposing societal norms anymore...maybe just a little, because it's so fun to see normals butthurt. Where are you, good ol' anarchy.

Think logically of it, can you fight the dark side with darkness?
You can only bring light to that old dusty closet to see if behind the skeleton there's a door to Narnia. If everyone keeps playing with the bones, no one will notice it, never. Yet multiplying dark images is considered to be a revelation and denuncation of a problem for the sake of fighting it. For ages. For generations. I think we've seen enough of revealed problems, but most of these revelations never came with a suggestion of a solution.

We need another types of edgy. Uncool and modest, and fighting normality by being abnormally kind, or productive, or self-disciplined instead of challenging everything around and being evil to normality. Those who can show how good, high-mental things are opposed and unaccepted. You want a hard and edgy fight with normality, kid? This way will have its moments. I promise.

While writing it, I had a huge problem with representing what I called "high-mental" in the end. English just doesn't have a proper word which would mean both "spiritually developed", "cultural" and "moralistic" all together. Or I just don't understand "spiritual" properly, because to me it always has a hint of ezoterical sense, which I don't want to use in this topic at all.
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There are two general ways of having fun: productive and lazy.
I can't say much about first one. Count this as a self-irony. The second one, however...
It resembles a greedy, sleepy feast, where the main dish is "time", colourfully frosted with pleasant impressions. (Come to think of it, we often say "time", but actually mean our life resources.)
It's no crime to eat, but it's so inhealthy to guzzle.
By merry-making, we shut our eyes off tears. As if crying was bad. But don't people cry when they can't keep up with something unsatisfying and bad anymore? By that logic, tears resemble a flow. Like spring, like river, for the sake of moving forward. Delusing yourself into lazy satisfaction looks safe and comfy, but it doesn't change the reality. And it doesn't help us changing the reality.
Melancholy with a reason, I'd embrace it with pleasure. Tears of remorse, they'd cleanse wounds whenever there are any.

That's the world upside down: laziness and passiveness brings wounds, looseness brings hardship. And exhausting yourself with being productive, working on your mentality until breaking a sweat, it brings health to the "heart". As the result, happiness waits further on the road, and it's so much easier to grab it.

And if there's a reason for sorrow, let's not be afraid, for sorrow can motivate in a way nothing else can.


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